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‪”David Lee Murphy Is “Alright” at 50 Stations‬”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017

No. 1 Most Added Track at Radio, features Good Pal Kenny Chesney

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —   It’s been a long time since David Lee Murphy went to country radio, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing down the man Kenny Chesney calls “the Original Hillbilly Rock Star.” With “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” arriving at country radio, the man known for the No. 1s “Party Crowd” and “Dust on the Bottle” scores the week’s No. 1 Most Added Song.

“It’s crazy, but it’s awesome,” says Murphy. “We all believed in this song. Heck, Kenny came in and sang on it with me – because it felt so good. When we listened to the playback, we thought we had something. Hearing we had 50 stations, it lets you know people do hear what you hear.”

“When David Lee sent me the song,” Chesney offers with a laugh, “it was such a great groove, it hooked me immediately. But what it says – and how it said it – is one of those sentiments for the times. We can all benefit from slowing down and trying to break the momentum, trust the universe and let go of what’s got a hold of us.”

Evidently, country radio shares the sentiment. Fifty radio stations across America took the lead, adding “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” to their playlists – and making the gently churning song that features both Murphy and Chesney the most added record in the nation this week.

“It feels good,” the songwriter from Southern Illinois says. “To know my music is hitting that kind of place in people’s hearts… That’s the reason I write these songs: to make people feel something about their life. So the response is everything I could hope for, and I am so grateful to the Reviver Records team for believing, and to country radio for letting this music be heard. That’s how the dots get connected.”

Working a groove that shuffles, a pre-chorus that ambles and just enough reggae lift in the chorus, “Alright” suggests the solace of seeking balance to get through what life hands you. With crushing news cycles, an ever-quickening tech universe and increasing workloads, “Alright” is a classic exhale from the man who’s penned hits for Chesney, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Thompson Square, Gary Allen and many others.

“You watch the news, it’s rough,” Murphy says. “You can get caught in that, or step back and trust life. Sometimes, a deep breath changes everything.”

Capturing the rush of being alive, the hardcore work ethic of country fans and a desire that quickens the pulse, Murphy’s No Zip Code, co-produced by Chesney, Buddy Cannon (Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss, Merle Haggard) and Murphy, is coming soon. And this duet is the first taste, marking a big return to country radio. With 50 stations so far, “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” is alright, indeed.

“Kenny Chesney Live in No Shoes Nation is #1”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp
Monday, Nov. 6, 2017

219,000 Is 8th #1 Billboard 200 Bow, 15th Country Album

Biggest Live Country Album Debut of This Century

Somewhere in No Shoes Nation — When Kenny Chesney started listening to show tapes from the last decade, it was just to relive some special moments from a life lived largely on the road. But the more he listened, the more he was struck by what he heard coming back from the other side of the footlights. It was the fans – known as the No Shoes Nation – who knocked him out track after track, summer after summer. And with that knowledge Live in No Shoes Nation came to life.

“It’s such a rush to hear No Shoes Nation in full force,” Chesney says. “As fast as the nights go down, I didn’t even realize how good they sound – and the energy, the heart and the voices are awesome in the moment – so I wanted to make sure they got to hear what I was hearing during my year off.”

To heighten that connection between the live experience and these recordings, Chesney opted to make the physical recordings available to anyone purchasing a ticket to next summer’s Trip Around the Sun 2018 stadium shows. As the only country artist on Billboard’s Top 10 Touring Acts of the Last 25 Years, in spite of only becoming a true headliner in 2002, Chesney has been called “The King of the Road” by The Wall Street Journal and “The People’s Superstar” by Los Angeles Times for his ability to connect at the stadium level for the last dozen years.

“It is about the connection,” he says. “Before the people ever get close, I’m sitting at the farthest point from the stage feeling how far it is from where I’ll be standing. Whether it’s somewhere intimate like Stone Pony in Asbury Park or AT&T Stadium, I want to know how far to reach – so everyone is brought into these songs and this moment.”

Evidently, it was a moment to hold onto. With stadium tickets on-sale, pre-orders and physical album sales, Chesney’s Live in No Shoes Nation comes in with total sales of 219,000. Beyond the sheer number, Live in No Shoes Nation becomes Chesney’s eighth No. 1 Billboard 200 debut, as well as his fifteenth No. 1 Top Country Albums bow.

Live in No Shoes Nation is the biggest country live debut this century. Beyond seminal concert recordings Frampton Comes Alive, Bruce Springsteen’s Live 1975-1985, and the Allman Brothers’ Live at the Filmore East, Live in No Shoes Nation is the biggest double live country release since Garth Brooks’ 1998 Double Live. With this week’s sales, Chesney has hit Gold long before the 30 days needed for certification.

“So much has happened over the last 10 years,” Chesney marvels. “But the one thing that remained consistent, that’s been there no matter what are the people of No Shoes Nation. They’ve always been why I do what I do, but listening to all these shows, I realized they’re the heartbeat to everything me and my road family do. The more I heard those voices singing, the energy and the power, the more I wanted everyone who’s ever come to our shows to hear it, too. Those moments when you’re so completely free are the greatest feeling in the world…”

Thirty songs. Guests. Hits and obscure tracks. Stadiums and local bars. It’s all here on Live in No Shoes Nation. Until Kenny Chesney hits the road April 21 at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium, fans, friends and the No Shoes Nation can get their summer on right here.


“Kenny Chesney Teams with David Lee Murphy”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp

Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017

David Lee Murphy Arrives at Radio with “Alright”

Lead Track from No Zip Code Teams w Friend  Kenny Chesney

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —  When David Lee Murphy decided to go into the studio with his pal Kenny Chesney, he thought it would be fun to cut some tracks and drill down on a sound he created that was long on roadhouse, big on fun and built on solid songwriting. A few tracks led to a few more, and the good friends – along with co-producer Buddy Cannon — realized they had a really good album on their hands.

Today, people can get their first taste of No Zip Code, an album two years and a couple upgrades in the making. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” is a song for the times, stretched too thin, worried more than is healthy and ultimately realizing and embracing life’s inevitable leveling. With a shuffling groove, an attenuated pre-chorus and just enough reggae lift on the chorus, “Alright” may be a hymn for finding the balance to get through whatever is in front of you.

“You watch the news, and look around… it’s a tough world,” the man known for No. 1 “Dust on the Bottle” and popular song “Party Crowd” says of the song. “You know, you can lean into all of that, or you can step back and trust life. When you do that, it makes it easier to take a deep breath and roll with everything that’s going on around you.”

“I knew when I heard the song how good it was,” Chesney marvels. “And I knew David Lee had to cut it. I’m just lucky he let me sing on it.”

Chesney is – and always has been — a big fan of Murphy. As he says, “David Lee is the original hillbilly rock star. He can dig in, drill down and turn a song inside out. Back when he was solely an artist, he understood what a guy like me was thinking, feeling and getting into… Now you put him on a mic, and he sings even better than he did back then. And the songs, like that wine ole Creole Williams makes in ‘Dust on the Bottle,’ have just gotten better and better. So genuine, so real, he’s just awesome.”

Murphy has written No. 1s for Kenny Chesney, Gary Allan, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean and others. “Living in Fast Forward,” “The Only Way I Know,” “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not,” “The More I Drink,” “Big Green Tractor,” “Anywhere With You,” “A Feelin’ Like That” and “Pirate Flag” have gone on to become the soundtrack of the last many years: all capturing the rush of being alive, the hardcore work ethic of country fans and desire that quickens the pulse.

“When I was growing up in my early ‘20s, I was listening to Waylon, Willie, Haggard and Jones,” Murphy says. “I was out on a back road, drinking beer, hearing those songs, knowing those guys lived that stuff. That’s kinda the way it is with this record: these songs aren’t about me, they are me.”

“With ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,’ it’s like ‘Hold on. Everything’s gonna be okay.’ Kenny is an artist and producer who gives off that same kind of energy in his music. The fact that he came in and sang on this song really makes it something special to me.”

Enlisting Buddy Cannon, Chesney and Murphy co-produced No Zip Code. “Alright” arrives at radio today. With Chesney coming off a two-week No. 1 on “All the Pretty Girls,” as well as releasing his Live in No Shoes Nation which opens with the Southern Illinois-born songwriter’s “Flora-Bama” and features him on “Dust on the Bottle,” the synergy between the man The Los Angeles Times calls “The People’s Superstar” and Murphy has never been stronger. Just listen.

“Kenny Chesney Goes Platinum in Boston”


For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp
Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017
Millionth Ticket to Gillette Stadium Show Has Been Sold
Over 12 Different Summers, No Shoes Nation Was Born

FOXBORO, Mass. —  It was only a matter of time. With fan club sales underway for the Trip Around the Sun 2018 Tour presented by Blue Chair Bay® Rum, Kenny Chesney has passed the million-ticket mark at Gillette Stadium. With several tracks from his Live in No Shoes Nation recorded at Gillette Stadium, there has been a love affair between the songwriter from East Tennessee and the people of New England.

“The fans who’ve come out to the Gillette Stadium shows, since we started doing stadium shows back in 2005, have always rocked our world,” Chesney says. “And it’s grown, and built, and gotten louder and louder. The energy and the passion? There’s nothing like it. We named No Shoes Nation at Gillette, made so many memories and even this year, on my year off, we couldn’t keep away. We played two nights at Gillette in August, just so we could feel that heat coming off the people of No Shoes Nation… But you never think about something like a million tickets.”

“When I got the call, I just stopped where I was. That says so much about what we’ve been sharing for all these years. The Spread the Love Foundation, Robert Kraft letting us bring the Superbowl Trophies down the T one year, singing ‘Happy on the Hey Now’ for my friend Kristi Hanson and all those crazy free spirits who were living the dream down in the islands… I guess that’s how a million people come out year after year, but man, talk about a mind-bending moment. I love you, Boston.”

And this year’s going to be even bigger and better. Having test-driven this year’s tour line-up of Thomas Rhett and Old Dominion at this August’s record-setting shows, the man The Wall Street Journal deemed “The King of the Road” is bringing Dierks Bentley and Brothers Osborne when he hits Boston in 2018. As he says of the line-up, “I know when I come into Boston, I have to have bands who can play hard and really deliver. The New England fans are so intense, I never want to come up short… and I think Dierks and Brothers Osborne have the same kind of mindset about making music that we do, especially since we’re going to be playing for the millionth fan.”
Starting April 21 at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium, the 2018 Trip Around the Sun Tour presented by Blue Chair Bay Rum will be rocking by the time it gets to Boston. With 18 stadium shows, Chesney is going to spend next summer doing what he does best: giving people a reason to come together in the name of friendship, fun and all the songs they’ve lived inside and out.
“We hit a million fans played to,” Chesney marvels, “and that’s just through the fan club on sale. When you think about what it means to have that kind of a bond with a community, you have to step back and take it in. Some of my best nights have been onstage at Gillette, and that’s because of all the people who come out every single year. You guys make my road life awesome. I hope each and every one of you knows that.”
About Blue Chair Bay® Rum
Blue Chair Bay® Rum, which had one of the industry’s most successful launches in the history of wine and spirits, is a collection of premium-blended rums created on the shores of the Caribbean and inspired by multi-platinum songwriter and entertainer Kenny Chesney’s love of the islands. Blue Chair Bay Rum is made with exceptional care using natural ingredients. Blue Chair Bay Rum is available in 50ml, 750ml 1L and 1.75L bottles. Blue Chair Bay White Rum 40% ABV; Blue Chair Bay Coconut, Coconut Spiced, Banana and Vanilla Rum, 26.5% ABV. Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream, Banana Rum Cream and Coconut Spiced Rum Cream 15% ABV. Please enjoy Blue Chair Bay Rum responsibly. Bottled by Fishbowl Spirits, Rochester, NY. Fishbowl Spirits, LLC, Nashville, TN. Rum Specialty, 15% alc/vol. www.bluechairbayrum.com.


“Buy A Concert Ticket & Get The New CD Free From Ticketmaster”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp
Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017

Live in No Shoes Nation with Trip Around the Sun Tickets

Get Definitive Document of the Last Decade with your 2018 Tickets

Nashville, Tenn. — Having spent the better part of the year culling, mixing and mastering Live in No Shoes Nation, Kenny Chesney created what he believes to be the ultimate love letter to the people who’ve come out year after year, summer after summer. Believing that his songs, especially the hits, only truly find their ultimate form after being shared with the world, Live in No Shoes Nation serves to capture the passion, the intensity and the spirit of No Shoes Nation at large.

“The more I listened, the more I realized: they have no idea how good they sound – or how much they give these songs new shapes,” Chesney says. “The last thing I thought I’d be doing for my next record was a live album, but the way No Shoes Nation sounds, it seemed like – once I really started digging in – the only thing to do.”
Further heightening that connection between the live experience and the people who make the noise, Chesney wanted to find a way to close the circle. Anyone buying a ticket to this year’s Trip Around the Sun 2018 stadium shows can receive a physical copy of Live in No Shoes Nation as part of each ticket purchased.

“It just seems like the right thing to do,” Chesney offers. “For all the people who’ve been part of making these tours so successful every single summer, let’s make it as easy as possible to put the music in their hands. We’re all moving so fast, with too many places we have to be. This way, if you want to hear something like ‘One Step Up’ from the Stone Pony, or something that goes all the way back to 2007 with Dave Matthews and I having an end-of-tour moment singing ‘Space Cowboy’ and ‘Three Little Birds,’ or the night in Boston when we sang ‘Happy on the Hey Now’ for a friend from the islands, it’s all here!”

“And as much as downloading is so convenient, there is nothing like putting a CD in your car – and just driving and sinking into the music. Maybe I’m the only person who still does that, but I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve spent during the making of this record doing just that. It does sound different, so I figured: make it part of how we get into Trip Around the Sun.”
From the beach at Perdido Key, on the Florida/Alabama line to Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Lambeau Field…from Tampa, Kansas City, or Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre to Foxboro, Massachusetts, Live in No Shoes Nation measures the fun, the friends, the soul and the songs that have come to define coming-of-age in the flyover this century as they’ve been lived, sung and cheered to since the only Country Artist on Billboard’s Top 10 Touring Acts of the Last 25 Years found himself a true stadium headliner.
“This is about music, about getting pumped up for next summer’s stadium shows,” Chesney says of the CD that fans can receive with every ticket. “Music is meant to be lived and loved and turned up. I wanna think we got that right here, and that everyone coming to the shows thinks they sound as good on these tracks as I do.”

Kenny Chesney Trip Around the Sun 2018 Tour Stadium Shows Presented by Blue Chair Bay with Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion and Brandon Lay 


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