“10 Things Kenny Chesney’s Music Has Taught Us”


Kenny Chesney’s music is a staple in most our lives. Whether we are popping in a CD for a long car ride or tuning into Siruis XM Channel 57 for No Shoes Radio. We listen to our favorite songs and they always seem to take us to special places in our minds. We “Escape Reality” with Kenny’s music. Some of his songs just teach us to live life to the fullest. We decided to put a top 10 together on what we really do learn from Kenny Chesney’s music. Sometimes we feel it’s a “Cosmic Hallelujah” that we have Kenny’s music in our life.

  1. “Slow Down” & appreciate the little things, from a sunset, sunrise or just enjoying a cold drink after a long work week.
  2. “Don’t Blink”… Enjoy those moments with your friends and family.
  3. Live your passion, find out what makes you happy and do it.
  4. In certain situations it is perfectly fine to “Drive On The Wrong Side Of The Road”. Take a chance learn something new.
  5. Going to concerts with friends is one of the best ways to “Escape Reality”.
  6. Connect with those that share your passions and support them. Find your tribe.
  7. Turn the music up & sing the song. It’s medicine for your soul.
  8. It’s awesome to put your toes in the sand & get salt water & a little sun on your skin.
  9. Sometimes you just got to give your “Give A Damn” the finger.
  10. “Be As you Are”. Sit still and soak up life!                                                                                         Connie, Michelle & Noelle

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