“Sharing The Good Stuff”

Short note on how we feel about “Spreading The Love” of Kenny Chesney!


Welcome To The Sandbar is all about sharing your experiences, thoughts and photos from Kenny’s shows and the love of his music. We also provide a group venue to say “Hey, look at this cool thing I found about Kenny Chesney!” Being able share with other No Shoes Nation members your “cool” find. It’s a place that happens to be headed by two other fans just like you. But, is there a proper procedure you should follow when you share those “cool” Kenny things? We say…YES.

This particular sharing topic feels extra important to us, because Michelle is in the content producing business and does her best to properly credit whenever she can, but we know it’s very much a “who cares” topic for many people. We just want to respect Kenny’s fans and the love they have for sharing his music and talent.

When we find a cool story that we share, we love when we get a share in return or when one of our followers or friends re-shares it with their followers and friends. We may or may not have wrote the story or took the picture but we found it or it was shared to us in the Sandbar, which means giving the right people a little credit for our or their eagle-eyed ability to keep on top of the internet world of Kenny Chesney. We work hard on finding info on Kenny and his music to share with everyone. We all have the same common love of Kenny’s music, why not give credit where credit is due? We certainly do when we share his stuff that we did not produce.

As for images, video and Welcometothesandbar.com stories, you should always credit the creator when possible. Many of Kenny’s fans share their photos and stories with us and we pride ourselves on making sure those fans get full credit. We always try to think about what happens when you see someone post something you like about Kenny, we want to see more of it, right? We want to see what else the creator might have done and maybe even tell them thank you. Why  deprive other No Shoes Nation Members of that same desire to enjoy Kenny Chesney and his music… SPREAD THE LOVE! Just sharing who the creator is goes a long way!
 By far the biggest social media sharing etiquette violation is taking credit for someone’s original witty remark, quote, joke, photo, story or video. When you see something great on Welcome To The Sandbar, use the Share button—don’t copy and paste it into your own new post. There’s a share button for a reason. When you’re on Twitter, use the retweet link (or do a RT) so everyone knows who the original author was. It’s even less work than copying and pasting. Really it is! By the way… if we find a good story we will rarely copy and paste someones story. If it’s from Rolling Stone, Taste of Country or Billboard we will always supply the link so you can go in and read the whole story from the person that wrote it. Kenny’s Camp has trusted the Sandbar as a media outlet and gives us the latest news from their desks. We will always respect that relationship and give you the most up to date info straight from them when ever possible.
This whole topic is one we hate to cover, but it boils down to one simple rule and we use “rule” lightly because we really don’t have “rules.” in the Sandbar. Whenever you’re posting something on a social network site whether your personal or someone else’s, just think about how you would feel if you worked hard to develop something and someone else took credit for it. Keep in the back of your mind the name of Kenny’s amazing song “Spread The Love”. It is so relevant to our mission, to love Kenny Chesney’s music and share that love with other No Shoes Nation members! So many of you are amazing about sharing so much great Kenny stuff and we thank you for that! Many of you share your concert experiences with us and we will always stress that others share it from our page as to give you the credit.

To many, social media sharing can be subjective. It might also be seen as not important to. It’s just a fun way to stay in touch with your favorite topics, friends, family and artists, but we should also find it as another venue to be kind to one another. It’s one of the few times that just about everybody’s opinion is more or less as valid as everybody else’s.

We truly love being a part of this Crazy, Kenny Chesney, Music Loving Tribe!

Connie And Michelle


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