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“The No Shoes Nation”

What the No Shoes Nation Means To Us…

We are guessing that in the past 35 years, We have attended over 300 concerts all the way from from Kenny Chesney to Bon Jovi. Some of our 1st concert experiences were: Connie with Air Supply at 12 yrs. and  Michelle with Dan Fogelberg at 13 yrs. Within the past few years, we have started to be labeled with all kinds of names, although we have been enjoying the live concert experience since we were young. It is so funny when people call us… those concert freaks, those girls that worship Kenny Chesney, and the most common word, groupies.  Aside from all the weird labels, those same people ask… Isn’t every show the same as the one before? REALLY? That is like asking a golfer if every golf game he plays is the same? Every show we attend whether it is a Kenny show or some other amazing artist, is simply how we like to spend our free time, with the people we love and making new memories with every song. So, the comments about all the shows and the traveling we do just makes us think of one word… Jealousy! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this magic carpet ride and spend their days and nights with some amazing people called the No Shoes Nation? It forced us to develop Welcome To The Sandbar so we have a place where everyone gets us and we can share our love of Kenny and his music. A place where we have met so many amazing people. We really do have friends from every part of the United States. Everyone of them are good people who love to live life!

We are certainly not ashamed of who we are and what we enjoy. Music in general is very healing and we get so much from it! We love music, making friends and going to concerts more than anything… Kenny Chesney and his music just happens to be our favorite! It isn’t just listening to a tune for a few minutes , it is really listening to the words to a song and making a life relation to it. Music is spiritual and mood lifting. Music for us has become, traveling and making new friends. Music gets us through the tough times. The best thing about Kenny’s music is that there is a song for almost everything. No matter your mood or what’s going on in your life. For us, going to a concert lifts us up and makes us feel good inside. Music is also unifying. It’s a universal language, especially in the No Shoes Nation. We can relate to so many people, just because we all like Kenny’s music. There seems to be a special connection when it comes to his music. Concerts are the best way to enjoy music and you probably wouldn’t be able to relate to us unless you’ve seen a really good artist perform live. The absolute best way to get someone on board with us is to just take them to a show. It just takes one Kenny show for someone to “get it.” We have seen this happen several times.  Concerts have blessed us with so many incredible friends all across the country, given us opportunities to travel to places we would never go and experience so much love and laughter!  

A Kenny Chesney concert is not just a 2 hour experience, it starts when you purchase your ticket. From that moment on, that’s all you look forward to, counting down the days, looking for the perfect outfit, all the way to planning your tailgate or the pre-party. When the day finally gets here you know you are going to have the time of your life and make the most amazing memories with some very special people! When you finally arrive at the venue all your worries just go away. You’re genuinely happy. You leave your worries behind! Once the opening act hits the stage you are going to dance, sing, scream and maybe even cry the night away. It’s because you are with The No Shoes Nation and no one is going to judge you because they are doing the exact same thing right along with you! Almost everyone that surrounds you believes in the music like you do. We all love those artists on stage and we are proud of them and their music. Kenny Chesney’s music especially, because it has impacted all of our lives in some special way!

“A Kenny Chesney Meet & Greet”

“Meet & Greet”, So Hard To Get… Let’s find out why & some tips on how to get one!

On May 7th 2016 in Phoenix we were blessed to have that long awaited meet & greet with Kenny Chesney. We had met the man 3 times before but never had the opportunity for a picture with him. For most people those meet and greets are just a dream so we took our time with Kenny and thanked him for everything he does for the No Shoes Nation. He even gave us a couple of hugs and a thank you of our own from him. Laughing along the way and sharing with him our die hard love for his music! It was quick, but so very special.

How did we get that meet & greet? That is a question we get from so many of you. After entering every contest we could find and NEVER winning, we started to do some investigating on how Kenny and his team handle meet & greets for his fans. We were able to uncover that Kenny is actually very choosy on how those few meet & greets get distributed. The #1 way that a meet & greet is given is through the local country radio stations for the venue which Kenny will be playing. But, along with the only 20-25 given to local radio stations some rules are given to them to follow. If they run a contest it must be to promote Kenny’s upcoming tour stop in that city and can only be given to an official winner of that contest. Others are allotted for the benefit of a charity with some type of auction to raise money for a local children’s hospital or a charity organization the radio station supports. This is how we received our meet & greets in Phoenix. Our Sandbar girl Deborah Jane made a sneaky phone call to Connie’s husband to tell him about a phone in auction from a local radio station that included tickets to the show and to meet Kenny, so her hubby called and bid on the charity auction. He won the auction and donated the money to the local Children’s Hospital in Phoenix and surprised Connie and Michelle on Christmas with the package as a gift!

Once in while, but not often, if Kenny has a personal connection with a charity, he will donate meet & greets as well. A great place to see if he has donated to any big charity groups is a website called We see meet & greets on there for Kenny all the time. The bidding does get high but it all goes to many great causes. Kenny or his people generally don’t just hand out meet & greets. It is pretty regulated. We don’t know of anyone that has written him or messaged any of  his people and received any responses. We are assuming that Kenny Camp thinks it may be better to let the radio stations and local venues deal with everything. Can you imagine? Kenny probably gets thousands of requests and to regulate them would be almost impossible. The No Shoes Nation is a huge group of people. We actually get asked all the time if we can help someone get meet and greets.

Michelle and Connie donate every year to St. Jude but this year due to the hurricanes, their annual walk in Orlando was rescheduled and we were unable to go and raise money for them. We believe in fate. Our friends at St. Jude know how much we love Kenny. They told us about a local Dallas radio station that was going to be doing a 2 hour online auction for sandbar tickets to the 2018 Arlington, TX show and it included 2 meet & greets with Kenny Chesney. The money raised would go to St. Jude!  So, on a crazy work day about 15 minutes before the end of the auction Connie went on the link that they sent just to see what amount it was up to. To her surprise it was at $500. Keep in mind… 2 sandbar tickets cost that amount alone. She put in a maximum bid of $850.00, thinking that was about what they would have donated this year to St. Jude. She was at work and employees pulled her in a different direction. She walked away from the bidding thinking if it’s meant to be then it will happen. To her surprise about 20 minutes later her cell phone rang with a Dallas, TX phone #. OMG! She was the highest bidder! Looks like the Sandbar girls will get to say Hi to Kenny in Arlington in May of 2018. So Excited! We know we are blessed to be able to give back to the amazing charities, but what a treat for the charities to also give back to us! We can’t wait to thank Kenny for all he is doing for Love For Love City and give him some big hugs!

So… listen to your local country radio stations, join their apps on your phone and watch their websites. That might be your ticket to meet Kenny one day! We promise to keep you updated if we hear of any other ways to meet the man! 

Have a great 2018 and Happy New Year!

Michelle and Connie

‪”Kenny Chesney Brings “Jesus and Elvis” to “Seth Meyers” Dec. 18‬th”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp 

Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017

He’ll Talk Grammy Nom, Love for Love City, Live from No Shoes Nation, more!


Nashville, Tenn. — While normally he’d be somewhere in the sun right around now, Kenny Chesney is making a rare late night T.V. appearance “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Monday, December 18.

Singing his never-performed “Jesus and Elvis,” from his Grammy-nominated Cosmic Hallelujah, the 8-time Entertainer of the Year will also be Meyers’ lead guest on Monday night’s show.

“So much has happened to us in the last four months,” Chesney says, “and it all just kept coming. I know I’ve not done or said anything about Live from No Shoes Nation, to talk about the fans who created this place without borders – and they are the reason for this album! When Seth asked us to come do the show, it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate the Grammy nomination, finally get to play ‘Jesus and Elvis’ and talk about the Love for Love City Foundation.”

“Obviously, anyone who knows me knows I’m supposed to be on a beach right about now. But to share everything that’s happened with the Virgin Islands, the animal rescue, this amazing live record the fans really created, well, I can endure some snow for that!”

With his last television appearance being “Anderson Cooper 360,” Chesney will speak to the work being done in St. John and the US/BVIs, the animal rescue he and his team spearheaded, how what started out as a sentimental way to capture the special moments in his live shows turned into a No. 1 all-genre Billboard album project and the unexpected Grammy nomination – his first on his own – for Cosmic Hallelujah.

“People who know me also know I prefer to let the songs do the talking,” he laughs. “So, sitting on the couch like this is a little unusual. But since I’ve had my head down on a couple projects, working with the most amazing people on helping all my friends in the islands, it seemed like a way to catch everyone up on everything that’s been going on and say ‘thank you’ to the people who’ve been part of the most amazing decade of music, life, love and everything in between.”

“Jesus and Elvis” will be given a stripped-down treatment, designed to let the song’s raw emotion rise to the surface. Written by Americana Song of the Year winner Hayes Carll, Academy Award nominee Allison Moorer and CMA Song of the Year winner/Songwriters Hall of Famer Matraca Berg, the aching ballad portrays Lala’s Little Nugget, a jewel of an Austin tavern where the Christmas decorations stay up all year to honor the owner’s son who perished in the Vietnam War over a promise she’d made him when he reported for duty.

“It’s not a Christmas song, per se,” Chesney says. “But it sure is a good reminder for people how many struggle this time of year. Loss, memories, promises made… and the way we honor those things. The song blew me away when I heard it, and then when I heard the story about the place and the people there, it felt exactly the same as the places where I hang out: a lot of heart and soul, friends and not forgetting. So for everyone with something pulling at their heart this Christmas, this ‘Jesus and Elvis’ is for you…”

NPR cited “folk’s storytelling, soul’s honesty and gospel’s spirit,” while the Los Angeles Times recognized, “the new album offers deeper, more nuanced thoughts on the distractions of the Instagram era (“Noise”), the comforts of home (“Jesus and Elvis”) and even the stagnation of the American dream (“Rich and Miserable”).”  Monday, fans of songs about real life, the underside of the holidays and the man from Tennessee can tune into “Late Night with Seth Meyers” – and hear all about it.

‪”David Lee Murphy Is “Alright” at 50 Stations‬”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017

No. 1 Most Added Track at Radio, features Good Pal Kenny Chesney

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —   It’s been a long time since David Lee Murphy went to country radio, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing down the man Kenny Chesney calls “the Original Hillbilly Rock Star.” With “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” arriving at country radio, the man known for the No. 1s “Party Crowd” and “Dust on the Bottle” scores the week’s No. 1 Most Added Song.

“It’s crazy, but it’s awesome,” says Murphy. “We all believed in this song. Heck, Kenny came in and sang on it with me – because it felt so good. When we listened to the playback, we thought we had something. Hearing we had 50 stations, it lets you know people do hear what you hear.”

“When David Lee sent me the song,” Chesney offers with a laugh, “it was such a great groove, it hooked me immediately. But what it says – and how it said it – is one of those sentiments for the times. We can all benefit from slowing down and trying to break the momentum, trust the universe and let go of what’s got a hold of us.”

Evidently, country radio shares the sentiment. Fifty radio stations across America took the lead, adding “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” to their playlists – and making the gently churning song that features both Murphy and Chesney the most added record in the nation this week.

“It feels good,” the songwriter from Southern Illinois says. “To know my music is hitting that kind of place in people’s hearts… That’s the reason I Read more »

“Buy A Concert Ticket & Get The New CD Free From Ticketmaster”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp
Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017

Live in No Shoes Nation with Trip Around the Sun Tickets

Get Definitive Document of the Last Decade with your 2018 Tickets

Nashville, Tenn. — Having spent the better part of the year culling, mixing and mastering Live in No Shoes Nation, Kenny Chesney created what he believes to be the ultimate love letter to the people who’ve come out year after year, summer after summer. Believing that his songs, especially the hits, only truly find their ultimate form after being shared with the world, Live in No Shoes Nation serves to capture the passion, the intensity and the spirit of No Shoes Nation at large.

“The more I listened, the more I realized: they have no idea how good they sound – or how much they give these songs new shapes,” Chesney says. “The last thing I thought I’d be doing for my next record was a live album, but the way No Shoes Nation sounds, it seemed like – once I really started digging in – the only thing to do.”
Further heightening that connection between the live experience and the people who make the noise, Chesney wanted to find a way to close the circle. Anyone buying a ticket to this year’s Trip Around the Sun 2018 stadium shows can receive a physical copy of Live in No Shoes Nation as part of each ticket purchased.

“It just seems like the right thing to do,” Chesney offers. “For all the people who’ve been part of making these tours so successful every single summer, let’s make it as easy as possible to put the music in their hands. We’re all moving so fast, with too many places we have to be. This way, if you want to hear something like ‘One Step Up’ from the Stone Pony, or something that goes all the way back to 2007 with Dave Matthews and I having an end-of-tour moment singing ‘Space Cowboy’ and ‘Three Little Birds,’ or the night in Boston when we sang ‘Happy on the Hey Now’ for a friend from the islands, it’s all here!”

“And as much as downloading is so convenient, there is nothing like putting a CD in your car – and just driving and sinking into the music. Maybe I’m the only person who still does that, but I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve spent during the making of this record doing just that. It does sound different, so I figured: make it part of how we get into Trip Around the Sun.”
From the beach at Perdido Key, on the Florida/Alabama line to Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Lambeau Field…from Tampa, Kansas City, or Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre to Foxboro, Massachusetts, Live in No Shoes Nation measures the fun, the friends, the soul and the songs that have come to define coming-of-age in the flyover this century as they’ve been lived, sung and cheered to since the only Country Artist on Billboard’s Top 10 Touring Acts of the Last 25 Years found himself a true stadium headliner.
“This is about music, about getting pumped up for next summer’s stadium shows,” Chesney says of the CD that fans can receive with every ticket. “Music is meant to be lived and loved and turned up. I wanna think we got that right here, and that everyone coming to the shows thinks they sound as good on these tracks as I do.”

Kenny Chesney Trip Around the Sun 2018 Tour Stadium Shows Presented by Blue Chair Bay with Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion and Brandon Lay 


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