“Kenny & The Super Cute Fan”

“That young woman had so much heart, so much spirit, She was just fearless and true and wanted to tell people what was on her mind. Talk about inspiring all of us about how to live our lives.”~Kenny Chesney

People sometimes question the love many of us have for this remarkable man. It’s the whole package with Kenny Chesney. His music speaks to so many of us. But when the man behind that music does what he does for us the fans, you know it! He is a genuine caring person with a huge heart to go with all that beautiful music! Thank You Kenny for “Making The Music” but, best of all for loving the No Shoes Nation! Here is some video from one of our friends in the Sandbar. Brooke was gracious enough to catch that awesome moment at Met Life where he made one fan’s dream come true! Thank You Brooke, for sharing this with us!

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