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Tammie Lee

I have liked Kenny Chesney’s music ever since 1993, The first time I ever saw Kenny Chesney was in Franklinton Louisiana at the Franklinton fair.
I have seen Kenny Chesney in concert 42, forty two times, and my favorite concert was No Shoes Nation concert, Lafayette Cajun Dome Lafayette Louisiana, April 4, 2013, I had just suddenly lost My Father February 14, 2013, My father’s birthday, the day before the concert April 3,2013. Kenny Chesney as always touched, my life, my heart and my soul. Kenny Chesney beautiful personality, kindhearted, caring, loving, sweet gentleman he always has been and is, gave me a gentle handshake at the concert that night, we spoke for a minute and I will not ever forget any of it, priceless special, it helped with my healing of the loss of my father and Kenny Chesney also autographed my Fathers cowboy hat, very special memories always memorable, in my heart with me always, everyday. My favorite song is, Who You’d Be Today. My favorite album,Be as you are. My favorite part about being in the No Shoes Nation is being blessed with Kenny Chesney being a part of my life. All of Kenny Chesney’s albums and songs are my favorite. Special part, Kenny Chesney, there is no one like him, he touches life, heart and soul, Kenny moves you like no one else with his music, songs, videos and concerts in and everything he does. Thank you Kenny Chesney, always with my love and appreciation as always. Anyone and everyone who has ever and always worked with Kenny Chesney in anyway, thank you all. Tammie Lee.

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