“No Shoes Nation Pride”


We want to thank everyone that tunes into our crazy Sandbar ride!

It’s awesome when someone says what you’re doing is touching their life! Just had to share a special note from a fellow No Shoes Nation Member!

Trish Stillman Kurtz wrote:

Sorry I am a little late posting this cuz I have so much goin on in my life right now however; better late than never wink emoticon Y’all and Kenny keep the light on in my heart, always! I am the one Blessed to have been welcomed into Welcome to the Sandbar circle~ y’all work so incredibly hard to keep us real and posted on Kenny as well as sharing your incredible footage and being the genuine people you are (no I havent had the honor of meeting you but sometimes I feel like I have smile emoticon ) anyway~~we all share the common denominator~~Kenny! Thanks for all you do!!! I love Kenny and all he represents and how he makes us, his fans feel! You resonate that with what y’all do heart emoticon one day maybe we can

all find something to do for Kenny, keeping it real and true, that he would accept and cherish forever. He imprints my life with his music and just plain being who he is. He touches every inch of my soul through his songs in some way or fashion, no doubt!. I know that sounds corny buy..hey…it is what it is smile emoticon Music and artists play a big part in entertaining our lives, but I think Kenny is the original and stands out single handedly, in that he leaves a piece of who he is with us because he REALLY cares , I think he wants to feel us and see us thru more than the fishbowl he may see thru cuz of his crazy schedules. He knows we are true and real and he reflects that right back. Free spirited and full of life…understanding he needs his own peace and quiet place where no one knows who he is, he is more in the spot light and in the sparkle of our eyes than he has of his own life. For that I am proud to be a fan, always! Thank you Connie and Michelle for Welcome to the Sandbar and making us feel the way Kenny does, on real terms!!! Muwahhhh heart emoticon

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