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Weekly Wrap Up 10/25/14

We Have a Tour Announcement!


We asked for some tour info and Kenny answered back with a bit of exciting news this week!

Kenny will start is tour off in Nashville on his Birthday March 26th 2015.  Us Florida Girls are a little bummed that he isn’t kicking it off in the usual Tampa fashion but we are so excited for all the Peeps that are going to be there in Nashville to celebrate. We are hoping Rusty will be able to join everyone for a day of Tailgating Florida Style! Kenny say’s he is changing things up a little this year and will be joining a lot of great artists on the road. Tickets are not on sale yet and the other dates have not been announced but, We are excited to see what he has in store for us!!!

Here is the link for more info on his announcement from our friends at chesneyonline.com!

We also received another great surprise this week!!!!  Kenny will be headlining the Florida Country SuperFest. It’s right in our own back yard on Sunday June 14th 2015. Rusty is already getting tailgate plans together. We hope you all will be there for the party and we can hang with our peeps at the show!

Here is the link for more info..Tickets go on sale December 10th!



Many of you will see us out on the road next year. As most of you know we would love to quit our jobs and tour the country with our man and experience every show. Back to Reality…We love our families more! Michelle and Connie plan on attending all the close to home (Florida) concerts and will be traveling to many more. For the ones we can’t make, we are asking for roving reporters.

If you are interested in being a part of our traveling concert team and would be willing to give our peeps your view from a Kenny show you attend, contact us. We love pictures and real life stories from the road!

E-mail us at welcometothesandbar@gmail.com

We want to give a big THANK YOU to Noelle Campbell and Rusty Smith for all you guys do to help us keep the fans informed. Your support of what we are doing is so special to both of us!


We love you guys,

Connie and Michelle

Weekly Wrap Up 10/17/14


These two fan’s are Hoping Kenny thinks we have waited long enough! With the new album released and the Sandbar totally loving it, we are all getting a little antsy for some tour dates!

Michelle and Connie where able to find the new Blue Chair Bay Creme Rum. It is so delicious and thanks for the mixer suggestions. Connie scored tickets in the Golden Horseshoe aka “Sandbar” for the Country Super Fest with Kenny on June 21st 2015. She will be in Columbus that week for work so it worked out great!

The Sandbar had a lot of fun with some great facebook questions and photos this week.

Where’s your Kenny “Space”? We had offices, craft rooms, cars and tiki bars! Loved all the input!

What was your favorite show? Well, we heard about Vegas, Tampa and there were a few Boston shows mentioned, as well as many more awesome cities. Many of you had photos with the man himself.

Who do you want to see Kenny do a duet with? How about Carrie, Miranda and Bruce Springsteen? They were some popular names that were talked about.


You guys don’t know what it’s like to know we are in this ride with so many wonderful fans that love the music that this amazing man makes for all of us! If you haven’t had time to read Noelle’s view of us…Check it out under the “All You Need To Know” Section of the website.

Let’s pray for tour dates soon, but till then we will do our best to keep up with all you guys in the No Shoes Nation!  We will be working on a new podcast this week for you all to enjoy also.

Much Love,

Connie & Michelle

“Got nowhere to go, all night to get

there, but I’m going there with you”

Kenny Chesney “Till It’s Gone”

Weekly Wrap Up 10/12/14

While Connie was in St. John we didn’t do a weekly wrap up so she made a little video to make up for it. Here is the low down on her visit…

The trip was amazing and we made a bunch of new friends. Found a few new places to stay and eat but still had enough time for 2 amazing boat trips. The Baths were awesome in Virgin Gorda. If you ever get a chance to take a trip over it is well worth the distance and time. Breathtakingly Beautiful! This STJ visit we were invited by some locals and peeps, It’s a term they use for people that frequent the island and are no longer considered a tourist…which we are now peeps yay! They invited us on their Sunday Fun Day to Jost on the Dolphin Water Taxi! They were all so welcoming and made us feel right at home. It was amazing and we discovered a new beach bar called the B-Line! We met so many amazing people! We already told you about the cool floating picnic table and cooler. If you think St. John is out of reach? It’s really they same cost as a regular vacation in the states. If you get a chance you can go to our friend Jenn’s blog and she has a ton of info… http://www.newsofstjohn.com. A great place to stay is at Teri and Scott’s villa in Cruz Bay… http://www.heavenlyvillas.net. You have to have a “Big Revival” at the X on St. John with Mark!

Enjoy the video and here’s to Drinking It Up…Life that is!


IMG_5241 10377997_725626174174063_7907858845408771580_n

“Relive Flora~Bama 2014”


Totally love this video Erin did from their experience from Flora~Bama! That was an amazing day no doubt!

Thank you Sherry for the great picture too!

Weekly Wrap Up 09/28/14

NYC 2014

What awesome week in NYC for a lot of us. Let’s review…

Tuesday September 23rd

*”The Big Revival”, Kenny’s 15th studio album is released to rave reviews!

*Kenny performs on the Today show in front of a crowd of thousands.

Performs American Kids~Beer in Mexico~Somewhere With You!photo_4-7

*Takes his 1st selfie on stage with a fan!photo-191

*Leaves an Access Hollywood interview early due to schedule conflicts.

Wednesday September 24th

*Kenny and the band perform “American Kids” on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Thursday September 25th

*Welcome to the Sandbar releases our “Post NYC Today Show” podcast. Take a listen while we were “Living In Fast-Forward”!


*Kenny attends an album release party at a secret location in Boston.

*”The Big Revival” is closing in on becoming  #1 in album sales for the week….All Genres!!!!

*”The Big Revival” is announced as the #1 downloaded Album!!!!!

Friday September 26th

*Updated the “All You Need To Know” Page with new media appearances for ESPN College Game Day, Meredith Vera Show and Jimmy Kimmel… check it out below.


*Kenny performs on the Ellen Show and he gives her one of his limited edition special No Shoes Nation Football Helmets!

Saturday September 27th

 photo-192*Fun times on the ESPN College Game Day show…Kenny had a great performance of American Kids and made some great picks. With Lee Corso teasing Kenny along the way about all his #1 hits!

*”Instant Jams” Premires on CMT with an awesome show from the Georgia Theatre taped earlier this month.

*Kenny announced in  several interviews this week that he is taking a break for a few weeks to relax and take a vacation that will include a beach. He says…He wants to rest up to get ready for the 2015 tour!!!!

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