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“Favorite Fan Photos Video”

What an awesome turn out we had on Facebook for all of you to show us your favorite photos of Kenny Chesney. We put them all together to the fan voted “Summertime” song!  The No Shoes Nation Sandbar Peeps are Awesome!


Connie And Michelle

“Happy Valentines Day!”

Our #1 Kenny Chesney Love Song!

“NSR…Listen & You May Learn”


“Random Facts From No Shoes Radio”

We know most of you are BIG fans of No Shoes Radio (www.noshoesradio.com), like we are. Have you realized the amazing education you can get from listening to this fantastic station? It’s true, if you pay attention to the clips the station plays between the songs, you can pick up interesting little factoids. Below are just 50 of the factoids we have learned, but there are a lot more. What factoids have you learned from listening to NSR?

1. It feels like winning the lottery when the NSR picture of the day is Kenny shirtless.

2. Kenny has drunk ADD.

3. Kenny likes Key Lime Pie simply for its texture.

4. Joanna Kerns has been listening to Kenny since she was Kirk’s mom on “Growing Pains.”

5. Kenny needs a personal lime carrier.

6. Claudette is NOT the name of the pirate mannequin (according to Tambo) in the Vibe Room.


“Our Time with No Shoes Radio 2013”

Have you ever been to a No Shoes Radio Pre-Party? Watch this video and you will see the fun that is had by the No Shoes Nation! If you were in Tampa back in 2013 you might catch yourself partying with Jon and Tambo!

“Tampa 2013 Pre-Tour Interview Part 2”

Michelle Is Asking The Big Questions!

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