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Song Fact Friday “Come Over”

Love the Song Come Over by: Kenny Chesney? Then you will want to read the stories behind it…

  • The second single and opening track from Kenny Chesney’s Welcome to the Fishbowl album was written by Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. It was sent to Country radio on May 14, 2012.
  • Chesney explained the song’s meaning: “‘Come Over'” is about two people who are as broken as their relationship is, when they realize deep down that their time together has probably ran its course, but they aren’t really ready to emotionally or physically move on to something else,” he said. “They keep going back to each other because it’s familiar. It’s about emotionally feeling wanted in a moment, but it feels impossible to let anybody else fill that void. It’s a really sexy song with lyrics that are incredibly universal.”
  • The song’s video was filmed it off the coast of Florida and directed by Chesney’s longtime collaborator Shaun Silva. “‘Come Over’ is the most intimate journey I’ve captured of Kenny in the 10 years we’ve been making music videos together,” said the director. “It’s clear within the first five seconds of this video that Kenny is committed to his character in the video and was more than willing to open up to the vulnerabilities associated with this tortured love story. The music video was finished in black-and-white, delivering a strikingly timeless and cinematic result.”

    According to Chesney, this is a “classy booty call song,” and the video has the same concept. He explained to CMT News: “We’ve all been in those situations when we know we’re not going to [continue to] be with that person we have been with for a while. The relationship is over, done, run its course. But you aren’t really ready to move onto somebody else emotionally, mentally or physically. So what do we do? We ‘come over.’ (Holds hand up to ear), ‘I know you hate me and I hate you too … but come over! We don’t have to fix each other, so come over.’ We know we’re screwed up. So we took that situation and made the video. It’s a very sexy video.”

                          Chesney owns the the 86-foot Riva Domino speedboat that features in the video.

  • When the three songwriters first got together they didn’t really have the song title or its concept in mind. However, Osborne explained to Taste of Country that Hunt, “sort of had that phrasing on the verse,” so the trio “started jammin’ on that.” They, “talked about how it would be cool to have a song that kind of repeats the same chord progression throughout the whole song,” he continued, “but change the melodies around it. So we started messing around with that verse, and we still didn’t quite know what the hook was. It felt like the idea was these two people weren’t together, but couldn’t be apart.”

    When the trio got to the chorus, they fell onto the “I told you I wouldn’t call. I told you I wouldn’t care” lyric, which they felt would be a cool opening line. “It was very rare that we wrote that long without having a title,” said Osborne. “We got near the end of the chorus, and I think Shane said, ‘What if it was just like a simple title like ‘Come Over,’ about these two people who know each other well, and finally the guy says to come over? But what if we said it a bunch of times like he was pleading with her?’ Then we felt like we had something.”

    Osborne concluded that the song, “just organically fell out.” He added: “A lot of times you have an idea or you have a concept or a melody or some place that you start. All we really had was Sam’s phrasing of the verse, but we loved the vibe of it. We just thought, ‘Let’s play with it for a while.'”

  • The song took 11 weeks to climb to the top of the Country chart, giving Chesney his 24th #1 hit.
  • Speaking with Billboard magazine, Sam Hunt recalled. “When I bought a guitar after graduating high school, one of his (Chesney’s) songs was the first song I learned to play. It was a song called ‘What I Needed to Do’ and it was extra-special because I still have that same guitar and worked on ‘Come Over’ on that same guitar.”
  • This was the first big hit that Sam Hunt contributed towards. At the time he was experimenting with ways to mix more modern beats and tones with the narrative and wordplay that define the best country music. Some of the other songwriters were sceptical, but when Chesney recorded this tune and it topped the country chart, he sensed that he was on to something. Hunt told Billboard: “When we wrote that song a lot of people told us that it wasn’t a country song or that it couldn’t work in country music and to have somebody as big as Kenny Chesney endorse that style and get it out there to people, that was huge as far as moving forward with that sound that I was working on.
  • “I turned the TV off, to turn it on again

    Staring at the blades of the fan as it spins around
    Counting every crack, the clock is wide awake
    Talking to myself, anything to make a sound

    I told you I wouldn’t call, I told you I wouldn’t care
    But baby climbing the walls gets me nowhere
    I don’t think that I can take this bed getting any colder
    Come over, come over, come over, come over, come over

    You can say we’re done the way you always do
    It’s easier to lie to me than to yourself
    Forget about your friends, you know they’re gonna say
    We’re bad for each other, but we ain’t good for anyone else

    I told you I wouldn’t call, I told you I wouldn’t care
    But baby climbing the walls gets me nowhere
    I don’t think that I can take this bed getting any colder
    Come over, come over, come over, come over, come over

    We don’t have to miss each other, come over
    We don’t have to fix each other, come over
    We don’t have to say forever, come over
    You don’t have to stay forever, come over

    I told you I wouldn’t call, I told you I wouldn’t care
    But baby climbing the walls gets me nowhere
    I don’t think that I can take this bed getting any colder
    Come over, come over, come over, come over, come over

    Come over, come over, come over, come over, come over
    Come over, come over, come over, come over, come over



“Kenny Chesney Wants to Send You to College”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp
Thursday, June 22, 2017

 “All The Pretty Girls & Lonely Boys” Can Compete for $5000 Scholarship
 Create a Video for Cosmic Hallelujah’s “All The Pretty Girls” + WIN

Nashville, Tenn.—When it was time for a video for Kenny Chesney’s “All The Pretty Girls,” from Cosmic Hallelujah, the man The Wall Street Journal called “The King of the Road” could’ve gone the usual route. But in thinking about the song’s spirit and his own wild college days, it dawned on him: take “All The Pretty Girls” to the people living it, and have them make the video.
“The best moments of being young and having fun should be captured,” says the songwriter from East Tennessee. “But nobody ever talks to the people who are right in the moment of living it about this kind of thing. Rather than look back, we oughta just go to the people living it.”
Knowing how many young people come to Tennessee trying to get close to the dream, Chesney decided to reach out to the students at Nashville’s Belmont and Middle Tennessee State Universities, both schools with strong engagement in the music industry and invite them to create his next music video. And the winning entry – chosen by a blue-ribbon panel from Sony Nashville, CMT: Country Music Television and Chesney’s team – will receive a $5000 scholarship, as well as having their video world premiere on CMT: Country Music Television.
Any student at Belmont University or Middle Tennessee State University may submit a video they’ve created for the song. Lyric, live action, notion, animation or something we’ve never thought of. As Chesney says, “Get creative. Get real. Get inside the song, and show us how ‘All The Pretty Girls’ looks, feels, and resolves.”
For Chesney, who world-debuted the John C. McGinley pre-ambled album cut “Rich & Miserable” on the SiriusXM platform, seeking different ways to consider video speaks to his desire to create innovation in how supporting music is done. Now he wants to engage young filmmakers, music lovers and communicators to offer both a scholarship and a platform for their work to be seen.
“I remember driving over the state line to West Virginia, playing in a restaurant, breaking down, driving back and parking in the music store lot, so I could turn in the sound system and get to class,” Chesney says. “When you have a dream, you’ll do whatever it takes. I’d like to bring some college students a little bit closer than I got… and I can’t wait to see the creativity everyone brings to this song.”
“All The Pretty Girls” is the latest single from Chesney’s No. 1 Cosmic Hallelujah. Belmont and MTSU students can click here: www.KennyChesneyAllThePrettyGirls.com. Contest deadline is July 23. Winner will be announced July 31.
“I wanna help a student filmmaker with school,” Chesney says. “And I want to give people a chance to get creative this summer.”

“Kenny Chesney Does It Again”

Another Amazing Time With Kenny Chesney

With Michelle unable to attend the Carolina Country Music Fest with Connie, us Sandbar girls had to make the difficult decision to sell both tickets or should Connie invite someone else? One phone call later we started planning the weekend in South Carolina with our best Sandbar girl Shari! We had to meet our other Sandbar girl Jennifer for a great time on the beach. Right?

You buy/plan these trips/tickets so many months away it really does seem like a dream when you realize you are standing 2 feet from the end of the stage and know in a few hours Kenny will be right up there singing some of his best music. People don’t  seem to understand why we all go to so many of the “same” Kenny Chesney concerts. Well, that’s just it… they are not all the “same” shows. This one certainly turned out to be Read More! »

“Kenny Seeks World’s Best Bars at the End of the World”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Somewhere in the Wind —  Kenny Chesney is known for his ability to kick back almost as hard as the 8-time Entertainer of the Year works. In that mode, he’s traveled the world, sailed the seas and drunk more than his share of frosty beverages in remote locations.
With Cosmic Hallelujah, Chesney captured that ethos with “Bar At The End of the World,” a sweeping mid-tempo song about the kind of laidback place where “the house drink is a beautiful thing called Make Me Disappear.” An artist who’s always sought to bring the fans along, the East Tennessean now seeks to pull real life into his song.
“I go to some very soulful, awesome places with my friends, where I make friends – and where, yes, I get to disappear,” Chesney marvels. “And knowing the No Shoes Nation, it always felt like I should take them along when I’m hanging out. So with ‘Bar At The End of the World’ on this album, it felt like the perfect excuse to do a series on No Shoes Radio, highlighting these incredible bars where people come together to kick back, hang out, laugh and love life.”
Eleven made the first wave – and they’re going to be rolling in again throughout the summer. Mexico, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Daytona, Delray Beach, Maine, Key West and beyond, these are bars with that special magic. Starting at noon on Mondays, there’s a daily chance to escape into these refuges of the soul at different times each day.
“When you find one of those places where time melts and you find friends, whether you’ve met them or not,” Chesney explains. “That’s what all these bars at the end of the world have in common: this instant familiar, instant fun, instant chill factor. I’ve been lucky enough to sample some of the very best places, now you can come along, too.”
Kicking the series off at the FloraBama, there on the Florida/Alabama line, No Shoes Radio gets right into the thick of the music, the madness, the people and the vibe. Soak up the atmosphere and Hawaiian feel at Mama’s Fish House in Maui and the history in Kenny’s shoes at Sloppy Joes in Key West. Get personal with Sammy Hagar at Cabo Wabo in Mexico and local at Boston’s on the Beach in Delray Beach, Florida. Feel the boardwalk and glory of the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey and get intimate at Allison’s Restaurant in Maine. Wherever the wind blows, No Shoes Radio will take you there for an hour of good music, good cheer and a vacation without leaving your radio.
Headlining Myrtle Beach, S.C.’s Carolina Country Fest on June 10 and Columbus, Ohio’s Buckeye Country Superfest June 11, Chesney is spending 2017 lying low. With the SiriusXM world-premiered video for the Cosmic Hallelujah album track “Rich & Miserable,” this series on No Shoes Radio and the brand new “All The Pretty Girls,” the  man The Los Angeles Times called, “The People’s Superstar” keeps making music and breaking ground.For more information on Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Radio, please visit kennychesney.com/noshoesradio, or tune into SiriusXM channel 57.


“Kenny Takes Home Some Billboard Awards”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp
May 21, 2017

Kenny Chesney Wins 2 BILLBOARD Music Awards

Top Country Tour & Top Country Collaboration with P!nk

Las Vegas, NV — Before the show even started, Kenny Chesney picked up two of the three Billboard Music Awards he’s nominated for: Top Country Tour and Top Country Collaboration “Setting The World On Fire,” the multiple week No. 1 duet with P!nk. Only missing his 3rd nomination later in the night. Top Country Song went to Florida Georgia Line with H.O.L.Y. , the songwriter/superstar from East Tennessee talks about receiving these awards and what it means to him.
“Winning Best Country Tour makes me happy for my entire road family, from the band, the riggers, the caterers, the people selling the tickets and t-shirts, and for everyone who’s worked one of our shows last year who made their town feel like another hometown,” Chesney responded to the news he’d bested Luke Bryan and the Dixie Chicks for the award. “Obviously, we take our show really seriously. People give us a piece of their summer, and we want Read More! »

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