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“Kenny & Stagecoach”

Above Photo Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

It is pretty amazing when you get some awesome pictures texted to you from California Stagecoach Festival at 3:00 am and you happen to be awake… Well that is fate! Our buddy Greg said he would keep us posted and he kept his promise! Even videos… what a bonus! Especially one where Kenny is singing “Setting The World On Fire” with a little girl! How about Kenny jumping around in his grey board shorts, ball cap and a t-shirt. He was as comfortable as ever taking over the Stagecoach audience! He seemed happy and full of energy. One review from a writer for The Press-Enterprise stated… “Instead of cutting out early to beat the traffic to get to work on Monday, the majority of the fans stuck around to see Chesney. Sporting a simple baseball cap and a pair of shorts, Chesney delivered a set similar to the ones he had been touring on last summer, coming out with “Beer in Mexico,” “Reality,” “Til It’s Gone,” “Summertime” and got fans swaying along to “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems.”

We took the time to put the pictures Greg sent us with a video in a slide show for you all.

For the next few weeks we will highlight some of the video clips he sent us on our Facebook page as well. A huge thank you to Greg Cox!!!

A shout out to Jen Anderson who kept track of the the songs Kenny performed throughout the night. We are truly blessed to have such great No Shoes Nation friends that keep us posted from the shows we all can’t go to!

“Stagecoach Set List”
AC/DC opening
Beer In Mexico
Til It’s Gone
Pirate Flag
No Shoes No Shirt No Problems
Somewhere With You
I Go Back
Anything But Mine
Save It For A Rainy Day
Living In Fast Forward
American Kids
Setting The World On Fire
You And Tequila
How How Forever Feels
Don’t Happen Twice
Encore: Tractor

Kenny Chesney’s “Rich and Miserable”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp
Friday, April 28, 2017
 SiriusXM World Premiere; Album Cut Gets Major Video

John C. McGinley Offers Life Wisdom

Nashville, Tenn. — It started with the blind promos. Snippets of John C. McGinley delivering a speech in a college lecture hall, challenging the notion of what has value, how one defines happiness, what really makes you rich. They began popping up on SiriusXM’s homepage, The Highway and Y2K Country with only the tag “World Video Premiere,” along with a date (Friday, 4/28/17) and a time (10 a.m. EST).
Nothing more than the intriguing pieces of a lecture, and a plain page. What it was about remained to be seen, and that was the intention of Kenny Chesney, who’s spent his last two album cycles doing the unlikely and the unpredictable.
That inclination continues, as the man The Los Angeles Times deemed “The People’s Superstar” made a full-budget video for “Rich and Miserable,” an album track from Cosmic Hallelujah, teasing its world premiere with no mention of the song or the artist. Teaming with SiriusXM for the rollout, it marked another first: a world premiere on the satellite radio platform as Chesney created a new dynamic for videos.

“I think there’s so much more to what goes on a record than radio can play,” Chesney says of the decision, “and some songs need to be heard. For ‘Rich and Miserable,’ it felt like it was addressing so many of the things we’re sold and told – about what makes us happy, or we’re supposed to want, or are expected to do. I didn’t want that message getting lost, so we decided to skip a video on some of the singles and do this instead.”

“But what was even better,” he continues, “is that the people we work with at SiriusXM understood doing this was about the message. They allowed us to break out what the song was about without Read More! »

“Summer of Seventeen”

Kenny Chesney’s Last Four of 2017

Immediate Release from Kenny Camp
Final 2017 Shows Presented by Blue Chair Bay Rum On Sale April 14: 2 Shows for the South, 2 for the Northeast

Nashville, Tenn. — With a second Gillette Stadium show added and close to sold-out, the hunger for that live Kenny Chesney summer experience is pronounced. Though there’s a handful of festival plays on the calendar for this year, Chesney announces four more intimate shows to round out his 2017 live schedule: Tuscaloosa Amphitheater on Aug. 4 and The Wharf Amphitheatre in Orange Beach, Ala. on Aug. 5, followed by two nights at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn. on Aug. 10 and 11. All shows this summer are presented by Blue Chair Bay Rum.

“As long as we’re rehearsing and I’ve got new music in the pipeline, I can’t imagine not playing a little bit,” says Chesney. “I know that it takes time off to create and make records… to write and find songs like ‘American Kids’ and ‘Noise,’ but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss the fans. There is nothing that feeds me more than Read More! »

“10 Things Kenny Chesney’s Music Has Taught Us”


Kenny Chesney’s music is a staple in most our lives. Whether we are popping in a CD for a long car ride or tuning into Siruis XM Channel 57 for No Shoes Radio. We listen to our favorite songs and they always seem to take us to special places in our minds. We “Escape Reality” with Kenny’s music. Some of his songs just teach us to live life to the fullest. We decided to put a top 10 together on what we really do learn from Kenny Chesney’s music. Sometimes we feel it’s a “Cosmic Hallelujah” that we have Kenny’s music in our life.

  1. “Slow Down” & appreciate the little things, from a sunset, sunrise or just enjoying a cold drink after a long work week.
  2. “Don’t Blink”… Enjoy those moments with your friends and family.
  3. Live your passion, find out what makes you happy and do it.
  4. In certain situations it is perfectly fine to “Drive On The Wrong Side Of The Road”. Take a chance learn something new.
  5. Going to concerts with friends is one of the best ways to “Escape Reality”.
  6. Connect with those that share your passions and support them. Find your tribe.
  7. Turn the music up & sing the song. It’s medicine for your soul.
  8. It’s awesome to put your toes in the sand & get salt water & a little sun on your skin.
  9. Sometimes you just got to give your “Give A Damn” the finger.
  10. “Be As you Are”. Sit still and soak up life!                                                                                         Connie, Michelle & Noelle

“Kenny Chesney’s Heavy Metal Certification”

For Immediate Release From Kenny Camp
Thursday, Feb. 16, 2917

Recording Industry Association of America Honor’s Four Of Kenny Chesney’s Albums
Big Revival, Life on a Rock, Lucky Old Sun, Welcome to the Fishbowl certify!

Somewhere in the Sun — When Kenny Chesney makes a record, he takes all 10 or 12 songs into consideration, not just the handful that will end up on the radio. Over a career that has seen the 8-time Entertainer of the Year spend 76 weeks at No. 1, Chesney has also been an artist whose albums continue selling long after the release cycle.
To that end, the man who just spent two weeks at No. 1 with the GRAMMY, and now Academy of Country Music nominated, “Setting the World on Fire” with P!NK, sees 2014’s The Big Revival, 2013’s Life on a Rock, 2008’s Lucky Old Sun and 2012’s Welcome to the Fishbowl ­all receive RIAA certifications. Revival and Rock for Gold; Sun and Fishbowl for Platinum.
“I may make my albums ‘in a moment’,” Chesney explains, “but Read More! »

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